Meetings With Remarkable Educators

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About the most remarkable educators changing paradigms of learning

A podcast showcasing the work, insights, & inspiration of educators dedicated to the whole child. New episodes will be released biweekly, on alternating Tuesdays.

We, the producers and participants, sincerely believe that these interviews contain critical elements for social justice. We trust that everyone who cares for and about children, education, and the actualization of social well-being will grow in valuable and often unexpected ways through listening to Meetings with Remarkable Educators.

Whole child education is rapidly growing. It is imperative to maintain the momentum. Meetings with Remarkable Educators is the perfect vehicle as it is free and available everywhere. 

For Meetings with Remarkable Educators to be sustainable endeavor, we look to you, our community of listeners and supporters to subscribe through Patreon.  All subscribers receive valuable gifts corresponding with each level of giving. A $3 per month contribution (or more) from each listener covers current production costs. A $1 a month subscription also makes a real difference. Please consider higher tiers of support if possible. All funds are dedicated to sustaining this service to you, our community, and to benefit children everywhere.  We have so much more planned for you in the upcoming podcasts. Just click the Patreon icon on this page to support whole child education. ( You will have to create an account before accessing the page.)

Holistic Education is one of the most powerful ways we can move towards a better world. Children know themselves as “The Three C’s”—Competent, Confident, and Caring. Social justice and environmental responsibility become the obvious ways to live. Well-being shines. Clearly, these are the children who will successfully meet the challenges in their lives.


Please spread the word. Many of you already do this by subscribing to the podcast and sharing it with others. Holistic Education now has a voice that reaches Asia, Europe and the Americas and into diverse communities.

On behalf of everyone at Meetings with Remarkable Educators, thank you for the honor of touching your life. It is an honor that we respect with the greatest care.