Episode 7: Four Arrows

This week, Ba sits down with Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs Ph.D., Ed.D., a prolific author and educator with doctorates in Health Psychology and in Curriculum and Instruction.  Find this episode on iTunes and subscribe to get future episodes automatically! Read the full transcript of Episode 7 here.

This episode's discussion touches upon the wisdom of place and belongingness, the structures of power we struggle against in education, and the role of non-ordinary experiences and Rites of Passage in deepening appreciation of one’s self and community.

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Four Arrows is Doctoral Faculty at the School of Leadership Studies, Fielding Graduate University. He is author of 21 books as well as numerous articles and invited book chapters. His most recent publications include:

  • Point of Departure: Returning to Our Authentic Worldview for Education and Survival (2016)
  • Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream (2013)
  • Differing Worldviews in Higher Education: Two Disagreeing Scholars Argue Cooperatively about Justice Education (2011)
  • Critical Neurophilosophy and Indigenous Wisdom (2010)

Four Arrows is affiliated with the American Indian Congress, the National Indian Education Association, and the Alternative Education Resource Organization. His commitment to sustainability, social justice, and the contrast between Indigenous and Western ways of knowing exemplifies the brilliance and bravery this series of interviews exists to celebrate. Indigenous education is one of the most essential efforts being made today with the potential to challenge the dominant approaches, and holistic education would be sorely incomplete without it.