Episode 23: Steven Arnold

Steven Arnold portrait.jpg

Hopefully many of you have listened to the podcast featuring the esteemed holistic Montessori inspired educator Phi Gang for way back in March, 2018. Phil spent many years working in New Zealand. Well, Phil wrote to me the other day with a present. His friend and colleague from New Zealand, Steven Arnold was coming to Portland and did I want to do a podcast with him?

Steven has created the Peace Experiment, one of the most innovative high school opportunities for teen agers in the world. His infectious enthusiasm, his commitment to Montessori ideals without being constrained by formula or history, and his love of adolescents created an atmosphere and delight as talked.

Steven Arnold has received many awards and accolades. You can read all about it his many achievements in the Shownotes on the website www.Remarkable-Educators.com . For now, enjoy and learn from this Remarkable Educator.


Steven is a Montessori trained teacher 0 - 3 (cert); 3 - 6; 6 - 12, 12 - 15, & 15 - 18yr olds (Diplomas); MEd; Dip Tchng (NZ), BA, BSc, PGDipED, LTCL, LSB, ASB, ANZDA (Accred); SCA (Accred).

He is a teacher trainer, principal, teacher, consultant, guest speaker, parent, board and trustee member. With overseas experience in England, Brunei and Australia, he has taught all levels of education from primary to tertiary.

Steven established New Zealand's first Montessori Secondary School in 2002, then principal at Brisbane Montessori School, and has recently been the Senior Lecturer in Montessori Education at AUT University.

Peace Experiment is the only independent Montessori Secondary Education provider in New Zealand.