Five Sad Sights

The Five Saddest Sights for an Aware Educator

  1. Overwhelmed teachers unable to develop relationships with each student

  2. Students ashamed of their grades and lying

  3. Teachers and parents colluding to spur student’s academic interest by rewards and punishments

  4. Fear and loathing as standardized tests loom

  5. Teacher initiative stymied

The Five Saddest Sights for an Aware Parent

  1. Physically threatened children

  2. Teachers heartfelt lament that they cannot organize curriculum to meet the child’s needs

  3. Students cliques on the playground

  4. Pedophiles ubiquitous presence in society

  5. Children craving junk (fast) food

The Five Saddest Sights for an Aware Independent School Administrator

  1. Parents clamoring motivated by fear

  2. Boredom during Board of Directors meeting

  3. Educator justifying non-relational behavior with student or parent

  4. The Fire Marshall frowning

  5. Students arriving unkempt, unfed, and unhappy